Two strangers meet on a summer afternoon in Central Park, New York City. Peter is a married man who works for a small publishing house and Jerry is an isolated man who has just come back from the Zoo. Peter has found comfort and security in everyday life and suppresses the need to break out of the mundane, but Jerry challenges everything in his life and looks desperately to connect with anyone or anything at any cost. This encounter challenges their perceptions on love, failure, and interpersonal connections as the mystery of what happened at the zoo develops into a shocking conclusion. This production of The Zoo Story premiered in the Fall of 2011 at the Tustin Studio Theatre.


  • Direction: Diego Chiri
  • Dramaturgy: Edward Albee
  • Stage Management: Skyler Harwood
  • Sound Design: C.J. Fujimura
  • Scenic Design: Diego Chiri
  • Costume Design: Ethan B. Van Buskirk
  • Light Design: Will Fierman
  • Make-up Design: Lindsay Hooper
  • Videographer: Hannah Roman
  • Photography: Mark Hutchinson
  • Graphic Design: Diego Chiri


  • Peter: Preston Perrin
  • Jerry: Nicolas Muoio


  • Al Día From Philadelphia, U.S. (In Spanish)

With playwright and 3 times  Pulitzer Award winner Edward Albee

The cast and crew of The Zoo Story

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