Isolated from the world, lovers Estela (Rosie Berrido) and Luna (Noelle Mauri) live in an undefined time and space. They celebrate their usual rituals (drinking coffee and preparing food) while one of them struggles with Alzheimer’s. Estela has forgotten her history while Luna tries to forget. Through drawings, colors and poetry, Estela reconstructs a past in which they were marginalized by their ideals and preferences. Among many things, this is a play about memories: the ones that we fight to conserve, and the ones we desperately want to forget. Winner of the first edition of FUERZAfest, New York city's first-ever Latino LGBTQ Festvial, organized by The Hispanic Federation. 


  • Direction: Diego Chiri
  • Dramaturgy: Pablo García Gámez
  • Stage Management: Patricia Cardona
  • Sound Design: Haydn Díaz, Gabriel García
  • Set Design: Kevin Klakouski
  • Costume Design: Yolanda Balaña
  • Light Design: Victor Hugo Grajales
  • Choreography: Leonel Linares
  • Photography: Michael Palma
  • Graphic Design: Diego Chiri


  • Estela: Rosie Berrido
  • Luna: Noelle Mauri


FUERZA Awards 2016

  • Award for Best Production: Corezon
  • Award for Best Director: Diego Chiri
  • Award for Best Dramaturgy: Pablo García Gámez
  • Award for Best Actress: Rosie Berrido

ATI Awards 2017

  • Award for Best Director: Diego Chiri
  • Award for Best Dramaturgy: Pablo García Gámez
  • Nomination for Best Production: Corezon
  • Nomination for Best Actress: Rosie Berrido
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