The cast: Gilberto Díaz, Frances Arroyo, Diego Chiri, Idalia Limón, Mateo Lamuño


New York City 2017 - five millennials of Latino descent are at a crossroads: do they fight injustice in a world destined for war, commotion and hate or do they remain passive observers? Inspired by the 2005 French riots, this new stage docu-drama by one of Spain's most profilic contemporary writers confirms this generation is a growing voice and a force for positive change. The result is a mesmerizing dialogue between Mexican, Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Spanish accents and cultural perspectives that, while it maintains its universal appeal, can only happen in New York today. This production provides a unique opportunity to reflect on how a group of Spanish-speaking young immigrants choose to raise their voices and embark on what they see as a fitting path to action. Presented at IATI Theatre between March 24th and April 16th, 2017.


  • Direction: Jorge B. Merced
  • Dramaturgy: Jordi Casanovas
  • Stage Management: Cristina Ayon Viesca
  • Production Manager: Vivian Deangelo & Winston Estevez
  • Sound Design: Haydn Díaz & Gabriel García
  • Scenic Design: Warren Stiles
  • Costume Design: Leni Méndez
  • Light Design: Miguel Valderrama
  • Photography: Gustavo Mirabile & John Barragán


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