Fin de semana ("Weekend") takes place in the 1960s, in a country house 50 kilometers from Lima, Peru, right outside a private club. Hugo is a young architect eager to grow professionally and to provide for his wife Dora. But this future, apparently stable, is jeopardized after the death of an indigenous child, who is electrocuted during the weekend trip within the boundaries of the club. Now Hugo must decide between protecting his social class and professional status or doing the right thing and reporting the negligence that killed the boy. But his decision will be influenced after the threat of the president of the club, an oligarch from Lima capable of anything when his interests are at stake. Premiered Off-Broadway at Repertorio Español during the summer of 2014.


  • Direction: Diego Chiri
  • Dramaturgy: Julio Ramón Ribeyro
  • Stage Management: Gabe Calleja
  • Sound Design: Diego Chiri
  • Scenic Design: Leni Mendez, Fernando Then
  • Costume Design: Fernando Then
  • Light Design: Eduardo Navas
  • Photography: Michael Palma, Natt McFee
  • Graphic Design: Diego Chiri


  • Hugo: Eric Robledo
  • Dora: Natalia Miranda
  • President: Frank Robles
  • Gustavo: Andrés Sosa
  • Pancho: Luis Chuquiralao
  • Mariella: Valerie Rodríguez


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