In character: Portraying Hector, the Satyr next to other members of the cast.


The Bacchae was produced by Bucknell University in the Spring of 2011. Directed by Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson, this particular production was written and adapted by the ensemble from the original work of Euripides, using devising techniques. As devisors, the ensemble was committed to 'writing from the stage', that is to say they honored all parts of the collaboration as both artistic and interpretational. Every theatrical element was equal in its ability to convey both meaning and story: lighting, sound, architectural space, movement, costume, color, texture, shape and words helped tell the story equally. They wrote, created songs and movements all in service to answering the questions that The Bacchae asked. They had to work hard together to decide what worked and what didn't. It is the art and craft of collaboration at its core. The ability to hear others fully, to offer your own ideas without reservation and to then see the work as its own entity. 


  • Direction: Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson
  • Assistant Director: Brenna English Loeb
  • Stage Management: Emma Case
  • Sound and Light Design: Heath J. Hansum
  • Scenic Design: Jenny Kenyon
  • Costume Design: Paula Davis
  • Hair/Make-Up Design: Lindsay Hooper
  • Photography: Mark Hutchinson
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